Banish Frizzy Hair

Banish Frizzy Hair

Banish Frizzy Hair

As we head towards the end of summer with damp Autumn days  are on the horizon .Do you worry about  controlling  Frizzy, fuzzy hair ?.Would you like to banish your frizzy hair? then read on because I have the solution for you.

Frizz is often caused as a result of increased  humidity in the atmosphere. As a result this often makes your hair uncontrollable and unmanageable.

Thanks to L’kerabelle the good news is your Frizz can be a thing of the past  . With just one application my clients report their   hair being left smooth and frizz free for up to 4-5 months!

L’Kerabelle the totally safe Keratin treatment .

Pregnant and breastfeeding ladies L’Kerabelle K Fusion is  safe for you too. Due to it’s Formaldehyde free formula .  K Fusion  by L’Kerabelle is one of the safest Keratin Treatments available today . It has been approved by safety standards to be able to be applied to anyone .Join the keratin experience today  and have  frizz free hair today.

Brazilian Blow out or Blow Dry?

The Keratin hair treatment  is often referred to as a Brazilian Blow Dry or Brazilian Blow Out. This is not a complete straightening system.It will Banish frizzy hair leaving you with smooth frizz free locks .

This is a de-frizzing smoothing system .Your final result will depend on the tightness of the original curl and fuzz in your hair .Futhermore it is safe to use this  treatment on coloured and high lighted hair . Your hair colours should be done after the treatment has been washed off as you may find your colour may lift slightly . Allowing one week in between

Stock up on Good for you shampoos

Once you have had the treatment you can go on to enjoy up to 4-5  months of frizz free hair .The only special thing you need to do is use a sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner .Sodium Chloride is salt .Salt will break down the keratin in your hair and shorten the life span of your treatment

Enjoy life

Banish frizz and reduce your time spent blowdrying and straightening your hair. Leaving you free to enjoy your leisure time.

Act now

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