brides with glasses hairstyles

brides with glasses hairstyles

Brides with glasses hairstyles

Is your wedding day creeping up? Are you feeling under pressure to ditch your glasses? Do you struggle and feel uncomfortable wearing lenses?

Why not be bold and wear your glasses on your big day?

Apart form the obvious neccessity to be able to see .Often girls who wear glasses all the time feel naked without them .

Don’t feel under pressure from others to conform and not wear your glasses. They are part of you and your individuality.

Here are a couple of brides who tried the look with and without the glasses . We both decided the way to go was with the glasses.

Brides with glasses hairstyles
Brides with glasses hairstyles

It has been said that guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses

That is not he case as these amazing ladies look stunning super cool and confident in their glasses.

A couple of points to consider with your headwear for the wedding day is to be sure it feels comfortable with your glasses on and if your wearing a veil try this as well . Because with an abundance of hair pins if you choose an up do , your glasses need to still feel comfortable.

The vintage look works really well with glasses especially if your glasses are slightly quirky in the era of style. Bold lips and defined eyebrows rock the look well also. Remember to have perfect brows as any stagglers beneath the brow line could end up being hilighted with ,make up and hi lighter .


Brides to be , lovely Ladies

Wear your glasses with pride on your wedding day

Look confident, beautiful, cool and full of sexy sassiness


Guys do make passes at girls that wear glasses