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Choosing the perfect wedding day hairstyle

It is most exciting once you have your dress to start thinking about your choice of hairstyle for your wedding day
As you prepare for your wedding day you will be making lots of choices and decisions and some of the most important are about your chosen look
The style of your dress will be greatly complimented by your choice of hair style and makeup
If your dress is vintage there is a vast choice of vintage hair styles that you may choose from these long loose classic waves of the 1940s era look lovely with a side slide comb or flat side Headband and work well on mid length to long hair

The punk era can also look breathtakingly beautiful for your wedding hair and with Gothic makeup looks stunning here with a vintage baroque wedding gown Colour may be a big part of your wedding – why not think pink. Let your individuality shine through this style looks stunning with the hair necklace worn across the fringe

When thinking of your look ask yourself do you feel more comfortable with your Hair around your shoulders?or piled high?loose tumbling Curls are beautiful (but do consider how well your hair holds curl – you want to look fabulous and the end of the day also )and always popular with summer weddings as they look stunning with a waterfall braid across the back of with fresh flowers intertwined