Olaplex hair treatment near me

Olaplex hair treatment near me

Olaplex hair treatment near me

Olaplex salon

Olaplex near me

I have just discovered this fantastic hair restructuring miracle. Are you questioning where you can get Olaplex hair treatment near me?

I love to use the Olaplex treatment on my clients here at The Gardens Hair Salon located in between Congleton and Biddulph

Olaplex works by rebuilding your hair from the inside. No heavy weight silicons to weigh your hair down.

Your hair is built up internally from bonds. Over time due to Heat styling, Chemical Processing ,brushing and blow drying these bonds break down.

As a result  leaving your hair damaged and breaking.

Olaplex works by rebuilding the bonds inside your hair leaving it feeling strong and healthy and in a near virgin hair like condition.

Olaplex is now available at The Gardens Hair Salon

You can choose to pop in for a stand alone Olaplex at £25(excluding cut /blow dry) then dash of to the gym or go home and leave on for 2/3 hours .

Or you can have Olaplex Stand alone treatment with your blow dry or Cut and blow .
Most popular is to have your Opalex added to your hair colour service and see the difference it makes at just £5 per shot average cost £15
Take a home a bottle of No. 3 solution to keep that feeling of damage free hair between appointments .

Book your appointment now and be amazed by your fabulousness


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