Older brides weddings

Older brides weddings

Older brides weddings

Today I am looking at dress choices .

Older brides weddings will discuss and  dresses .Then I will move onto my favourite subject  makeup for brides post forty something  .

Then finally we will look at hairstyles for the mature bride .

Working in the wedding industry myself and as a slightly “older bride” post forty something I feel compelled to share my older brides Journey with you all.

Firstly we are not old its just that we have left out twentys and thirtys behind us.

The first hurdle having decided on when, where and what type of wedding ceremony you are having is the “Wedding dress.
The wedding industry is naturally very focused on younger brides.

I felt almost silly entering bridal boutiques to have to say the dress I was seeking was for myself-surely they have had brides that have found their man later in life or been down the aisle before –it felt not!
I next embarked on a voyage of online shopping .It was most fortunate I have lots of spare hanging space as I began to collect many unsuitable dresses. Too tight, too plunging, too clingy, too much arms on show……I then returned all the dresses, my perfect dress eluding me still.

Older brides weddings
Custom made and designed for you .

In a moment of clarity I remembered a bridal dress designer who wasn’t located too far from myself.

I took the plunge and emailed Julie from Village Bride, hoping for a miracle, as the wedding was just 3 months away. Julie said to pop along to see her.
Armed with ideas of what I did and didn’t want she skilfully designed and made for me the perfect dress.
I had the perfect fit and only choose to show only the flesh that was appropriate for me. Clever use of tulle is amazing! I looked like myself with added wow but not over the top.

Village Bride Shop Here