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Wedding day tips and tricks

Tips & Tricks

Ask your friends what they wish they’d known before their big day, as you want to enjoy every minute when the day arrives after all the months of planning…

Most weddings go off without a single hitch, but remember; only you know every detail before the day so none of you guests will be aware that something is amiss.

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I was attending to a lovely bride last summer; she was loving her wedding morning when 15 minutes before the ceremony it became apparent the photographer hadn’t appeared. But did she panic or freak out? NO! She said that lots of guests had cameras with them and one guest was an amateur photographer; he stepped up to the task and they day went ahead beautifully as planned.

Your wedding dress – when you’re in the dress shop it looks so simple to see the dress being expertly fastened and fitted. On the day, this is one of the lasts things you will do.

It saves panic at this crucial point if you have had a trial run at home; check whoever is helping you dress knows exactly how to fasten the dress up (and can she do this with false nails if they will be wearing these on the day)

The majority of dresses are stepped into which is great for your finished hair and makeup. However, the occasional dress needs to be pulled over your head so this needs to be considered when planning the order of hair styling and makeup.

Get to spend some time with your husband. You will both be extra busy with your guests but do take at least a few moments with the man you love. Savour your first dance together, saying your vows and those special photo moments. The day goes by in a flash, so take a moment to take it all in and embed a picture in your mind to last forever.

Have fun! After all the months, even years and last few manic weeks of planning, enjoy every detail you have created with care and love, enjoy the wonderful way you all look with stunning hair makeup and dresses, your beautiful flowers, your dressed tables, the delicious food and cake…Take your mental snap shots to enjoy and recall over the coming years xx